Coming Together — Creating Synergy

The partnership between Himalayan General Insurance Ltd and iPay - eDheba Super App now creates a solution to provide vehicle renewal service for you as you stay at home/office.

Cashback of upto NPR 500

Upload your vehicle registration bluebook and your current insurance document in the e-Dheba SuperApp now.

During this SPECIAL OFFER, the charges for renewal of your blue book and comprehensive insurance will be returned back to you as a cashback.

The actual renewal can be anytime in the year and you will still get the cashback which is a limited time offer.


eDheba Billbook Renewal Service

This video explains our service and the current promotion that we have.

Work process

Step by step

It is very easy to get your vehicles renewed while staying at home, and with no hassles!

Step 1. Upload

Kindly open your eDheba SuperApp. Either take the picture of your vehicle ownership document bluebook and insurance document or if you already have digital copy, upload it.

Step 2. Get Quote

Before your vehicle insurance is due, our Customer Support Agent will call you back to give you the total cost of renewing your it, which will include:
a. Road tax and other government expenses to renew your blue book.

b. Comprehensive insurance for not only yourself but also for third party (Beema Samiti has made insurance cost the same across all insurance companies).

c. Service Charges: This is NPR 350 for 2 wheelers and NPR 500 for 4 wheelers. 

Step 3: Agree on the quote
Once you agree on the quotation amount that we have sent, then the process will begin to actually get your bluebook renewed.
Step 4. Pick up and Drop Off
Our representative will come and collect your documents from your home/office. Get all the work done for your vehicle renewal, insurance and deliver the documents and receipts back to you. The amount as quoted (nothing more) will be deducted from your eDheba account. 
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